Highlights of PRRD's address (22 June 2020)

By LCP Secretariat
June 23, 2020 - Quezon City

Here are the highlights of PRRD's address yesterday, 22 June 2020:
• Many countries are close to perfecting the vaccine for COVID19.
• Rules and regulations imposed are for the greater good of the Filipino people.
• DENR Sec. Roy Cimatu will oversee Cebu response on COVID-19 and requests for a detailed report of the situation in Cebu.
• Emergency operation will take place in Cebu with the aid of DOH, DILG, NTF and DENR Sec. Cimatu.
• Sec. Cimatu is ordered to call for a total lockdown if he deems fit with the assistance of the PNP or military
• PRRD maintains his position that the greatest threat to the country are the communists. In relation to this, the Anti-Terror Bill is being carefully reviewed by the Malacañang legal team.
• PRRD will visit military camps in the coming days to see the situation on the ground.
• SOH Duque will address the allegations against him lodged in the Ombudsman such as the delay in the release of compensation of health workers that have succumbed to or were infected by COVID-19, as well as the purchase of overpriced PPEs.
• Delays in the release of PPEs will be addressed and spearheaded by DENR Sec. Cimatu. Philippine Air Force is directed by the President to assist in the distribution.
• SAP 2nd tranche distribution started on 11 June and became more intensified on 22 June, including Metro Manila.
• Anomalies regarding SAP distribution are continuously being investigated by the DILG.
• Increased PNP and military personnel have been deployed in Cebu City and Talisay City.
• LSIs will be sent home in batches, with LGUs ready to receive them at the local isolation facilities upon their arrival.
• A total of 56,000 OFWs have been successfully sent to their hometowns after completing their quarantine period.
• Currently there are 400,000 locally stranded individuals (LSIs) in Metro Manila alone.
• Number of Testing Laboratories in the country:
- NCR: 27 laboratories
- Luzon: 20 laboratories
- Visayas: 7 laboratories
- Mindanao: 9 laboratories
- Caraga: 3 pending GeneXpert laboratories
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