LCP COVID-19 Assistance Team

By LCP Secretariat
March 14, 2020


Reference No. (2020-03-11)

FROM : The LCP National President
RE : LCP COVID-19 Assistance Team
DATE: 14 March 2020



Fellow Mayors:


We are in the State of Public Health Emergency and for sure, as chief executives, we are all concerned and focused on how to prevent and fight this COVID-19.


During this very challenging time, our LCP will try its utmost best to be as informative and helpful to all our mayors in all the ways it can.


We have designated our LCP COVID-19 Assistance Team to monitor relevant developments and facilitate the dissemination of circulars, orders, advisories, and other issuances from the Office of the President, DOH, DILG, and other agencies relative to the crisis.


The Team will attend to your queries, requests, and other forms of assistance that LCP could possibly offer or facilitate.


Executive Director Gail and Deputy Executive Directors Veron and Ilyne are assigned to this team. They will be assisted by our Secretariat staff.


If need be, yours truly would also be happy to help.


Please feel free to contact us.


We know how big and serious the task is, but if we all participate actively and wholeheartedly in facing this unprecedented challenge, WE SHALL OVERCOME!


God bless us all and our beloved Philippines.



Mayor Bing Leonardia

LCP National President

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